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Welcome to Noble Technical Institute (NTI)

To all students of the class of 2022-2023: on behalf of the President of Noble Technical Institute (NTI) Mrs Rozhan Fazil Abdulrazzaq and all teaching and admin staff It is my pleasure to welcome you all to NTI.  

During your stay at NTI over the next two years, I hope you will discover what had earlier graduates discovered in terms of excellent delivery, challenging and warm community, I wish you a relaxing stay leading you to a fruitful and successful future.

Academic Consultant
Dr. Sherwan N. Kafoor

Noble Institute delivers a range of diploma degrees through its ten departments, it prepares knowledgeable students who are equipped to satisfy the business requirements of Kurdistan Region. The Institute monitors total quality standards, and implement the “Bologna process” in all its programs that lead to achieve local and international accreditation.


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