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Business Management

Department managers oversee the functioning and productivity of a company division. Their primary responsibilities include recruiting and dismissing staff, establishing and working towards strategic departmental goals and managing a departmental budget. We are looking for confident leaders who are able to manage both people and budgets for the position of department manager. Department managers are responsible for outlining strategic departmental targets.


Seeking opportunity to advance my professional career as Business Administrator at LMN Corporation and chance to utilize time-management and leadership skills." "Seeking the opportunity to serve as Business Administrator at MPF Company to use excellent accounting and communication skills to help the company grow.


The department of Business Administration develops business professionals by providing an inclusive student-focused learning environment that values diversity, equity, and the active engagement of students, faculty, the business community, and other stakeholders in the creation and dissemination of knowledge and the development of relevant skills.


Noble institute of Business Administration aspires to be among the best regional colleges of business administration in the nation.


Monitoring productivity and accounting are cornerstone responsibilities of a business administrator. Managers supervise the clerical and administrative personnel in an organization or department. They can recommend and implement changes in policies and procedures so that goals are met more quickly with better results.