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Medical Labrotary Technichian

The Medical Laboratory Department at Noble Technical Institute, established in 2020 under the Kurdistan Region Government's Ministry of Higher Education and Academic Research, integrates biology, chemistry, and medicine. Medical laboratory technicians perform clinical analyses crucial for disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. They run tests on bodily fluids to aid in disease management and provide clinicians with vital diagnostic information.


To provide students with fundamental knowledge and skills.

To provide the greatest and most contemporary medical equipment, tools, and laboratory equipment so that students can learn the newest techniques using the newest instruments.


The Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) Department at Noble Institute works to prepare students to become qualified MLT professionals who can address local and regional communities' health challenges. A curriculum that addresses and satisfies the demands of the evolving technology and professional practice is offered to students. Graduates frequently hold administrative, instructional, supervisory, or other leadership positions in the workplace or in leadership positions within organizations.


The MLT wants to be a leader in medical laboratory TEQNIQUES, teaching and research on a local and regional level. Additionally, MLT will create and implement a curriculum that adheres to international standards, set up modern, cutting-edge laboratory infrastructure, gather faculty experts from around the world, follow national and international health and safety standards, pursue international accreditation, and tackle public health issues that are of the utmost importance to the area and the nation.


To provide the ability to comprehend, apply and evaluate information to the role of a medical laboratory TEQNIQUES.

• the capacity to interact and communicate with patients, doctors, and other healthcare providers in a way that complies with workplace standards.

• to balance the attitudes consistent with professionalism concern for high quality health care, potential management and leadership roles.

• to be educating resourceful, adaptable, and well-prepared individuals to serve and lead the medical laboratory technican profession, contributing to the body of knowledge for concerned fields