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Pharmacy Assistant

NOBLE institute’s Pharmacy Diploma Program is a comprehensive program designed to prepare students with all of the skills and knowledge they will require to become a professional Pharmacy Assistant. Students are uniquely and effectively prepared to succeed in this rewarding and exciting career opportunity. The course provides an opportunity to interact with and learn from highly qualified and experienced professionals. The retail pharmacy is a vital health advisory center in which graduates play an important role in.

The main objective of the Pharmacy Assistant course is to provide you with the multi-disciplined skills necessary to work in a community pharmacy. It aims to achieve this by providing with a curriculum that encircle a broad range of skills from gaining knowledge of OTC medications, to developing Pharmacy Skills, practicing interpersonal skills whilst also aiming to give you a solid science foundation throughout the course
To provide safe, high quality students center approach in an atmosphere of professionalism, respect, and effective communication. As well as providing our students with a strong foundation enabling them to begin a successful career as an outstanding professional.

The Department of Pharmacy assistant is committed to:
• Excellence and students Care
• Honesty and Integrity
• Diversity and Inclusion
• Respect and Teamwork


The goal of pharmacy assistant certification is to provide you with a range of skills to assist you in working in the healthcare sector within a retail environment. You will be given a strong science foundation and develop the health & safety skills necessary for working in a pharmacy retail setting. A major emphasis of the course will be placed on the Interpersonal Communication and Business in a pharmacy.
Pharmacy assistants are the frontline in pharmacy customer care. It is essential for them to have the confidence and skill to serve the healthcare needs of their community