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The Nursing Department (NU) in the Noble Institute is one of the most recent departments. NU opened in 2019. NU of Nobel Institute is the first private institute to apply the bologna process in its educational program, the most advanced learning program globally. Nursing is a profession within the healthcare sector focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life.


The nursing department aims to graduate skillful and active nursing staff to provide nursing care to individuals in our society. Introducing new nursing specialties based on the local and regional health needs for undergraduate and graduate levels in accordance with
the accreditation standards for these programs. Develop the student’s skills of logical and analytical thinking while providing nursing care for their patients. Motivate faculty members to participate in scientific research through the formation of research teams with the participation of students Motivate faculty members to participate in local, regional, and international conferences. Cooperate with health organizations in the provision of care to the local community through health education seminars and free health screening days.

The Nursing department, at the Nobel Institute, prepares/graduates to be competent, skillful, and creative in delivering the needed nursing care for healthy and sick children from birth to adolescence and then adults in different settings. These are derived from recent national and international nursing strategies within the framework of Islamic beliefs and moral values.

Nobel Institute’s vision is to provide the Kurdistan region community with highly qualified professional nurses care and who are unique on national and international levels. Sharing in an enhancement of children’s, Adults and old age health through the application of nursing education, care, and research in all fields.


Today people try to save their health and pay for their health, and the best and most professional people who can provide personal, and family care are nurses, home care management for handicapped individuals, and chronic conditions is increasing daily, and Nurses can provide high-quality home care. Nurses can earn money and have more opportunities to get jobs. There are an infinite number of business idea combinations that will complement the nursing degree. Start up a Nursing Practitioner clinic. Recruiting agency. Home health agency. Because of that, the Nobel Institute/ NU department will try in advance to make a standard nursing professional who holds a diploma in NU.