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Information Technology

Noble Technical Institute's IT department is a dynamic and essential part of our institute, focused on improving information technology education, research, and innovation. Our curriculum is produced to give students a strong foundation in IT. The dedicated faculty members are leaders in their fields, have years of professional experience, and a love of teaching. In order to support students' academic and research activities.


The objective of our program is to make sure that our graduates are well-equipped to begin working in the government and private sectors and start making significant contributions to the IT industry right away.


Department Mission a. To uplift rural students of the Erbil region through advanced quality education in Information Technology. b. To provide technical solutions in the field of Information Technology to the local society. c. To provide need-based quality training in the field of Information Technology. d. To maintain state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories where students and faculty can enhance their understanding of technology. e. To provide students with the tools to become productive, participating global citizens and life-long learners. f. To provide an atmosphere for students and faculty for continuous learning to investigate, apply and transfer knowledge.


To be a recognized leader in Information Technology services in support of teaching and learning, and to be the preferred source of quality technology services delivery for the Erbil region.


Our major goal is to deliver high-quality information technology education and training that prepares students for successful jobs and encourages a lifelong passion for learning. By technological development and addressing current challenges, we aim to be at the forefront of IT research and innovation.