Dr. Sherwan Kafoor

Dr. Sherwan Kafoor

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Dr. Sherwan Kafoor

My Teaching and Learning philosophy:


As an academic consultant , my goal is to contribute in transforming NTI prime system from teaching institution into a learning institution. My objectives are to create a learning environment that produces profound learning outcomes, therefore the place in which I work in, must attempt to continuously improve the quality of learning for each member of its community – students, teaching staff and administration individually and collectively.

My main goal is (i) to ensure that good quality of education is offered by the institute, (ii) to ensure that internationally recognised academic standards are achieved, and provide students with knowledge and skills that are relevant to the job market locally and internationally. (iii) to ensure that procedures and processes for QA at the institute are compatible with the QA policies of the Ministry of Higher Education (MHE) and the Bologna Process adopted by MHE. (v) to assure students that the quality of education and lectures offered by the institute are most updated and compatible with other local and international universities.

In order to achieve the above goals and objectives, the following activities are essential requirements; which preferably have to be within my job description in any university that I work in:

  • Monitoring and evaluation of academic integrity of each department;
  • Evaluation of teachers’ performance;
  • Proposing solutions for gaps in performance;
  • Providing a variety of data about teachers’ issues including teaching loads;
  • Writing a detailed and systematic Quality Manual booklet for the institute;
  • Supporting the dean and head of departments in writing Self-Assessment Report SAR. This is done once every two years, depending on changes;
  • To be part of the development of the NTI’s website;
  • Preparing the NTI for attaining Independent International Accreditation;