Health and Safety Unit

Health and Safety Unit

Health and Safety


This office is committed to providing a safe and healthy work and educational environment for all its employees, students, and visitors.

The mandate of this directorate includes:

  1. Managing the Institute’s overall health & safety program with the goal of preventing occupational injuries and illnesses.
  2. Developing and implementing policies and procedures to meet all requirements, duties set by standard occupational Health & Safety Acts, and any applicable regulations.


The Health & Safety Committees of this directorate are dedicated to maintaining a safe work environment in order to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses. All employees are equally responsible for complying with the requirements of the Health & Safety Act and Regulations, and Operational Policies. The Health & Safety Directorate provides a system to manage health & safety hazards and protect the health and safety of the students & employees.


The policies and procedures used by the health and safety directorate are designed to ensure protecting the health and safety of all students & employees. The purpose of establishing this directorate is to ensure that:

Managing is committed to the prevention of occupational illness and injury.

A health and safe work environment is maintained.

Employees & Students understand that it is not only management but also the employees & student’s legislated responsibility to work safely and report all unsafe or unhealthy conditions.



Asst.Lect. Rabar Mohammed Hussein     Head of health and safety unit

Asst.Lect. Warda rizgar haidar                            Member

Asst.Lect. Rozh Qasim Amin                                Member