Department of Surveying

Department of Surveying

Vision and mission 

The Noble Technical Institute intends to open the surveying department in order to graduate assistant surveyors so as to meet the growing need for them in the labor market. The graduate of the department receives a diploma in surveying after passing a study program that lasted two calendar years. The study program includes teaching students about knowledge, skills, and specialized capabilities in their field of work, land tampering, geodes, cartography, satellite surveying, visual processing, GIS, and remote sensing, in addition to knowing how to prepare the sites of highways. Graduates of this department get jobs in various fields. The founder is governmental and private, and some of them open private offices.


Graduates will be able to demonstrate knowledge and solve problems in surveying and geomatics. Moreover, graduates will be able to apply their knowledge in working fields and making data collection and skills.

Message from the head of the department

Surveyors play an important role in road design and land building developments because surveyors work with civil engineers and architect designers in land design and map-making of the ground surface of the earth.  Students learn how to measure and map land surroundings by using mathematics, engineering drawing, and specialized surveying equipment technologies. Moreover, students will have a diploma degree in surveying and they will have a good job career in the future.

Department Staff