Department of Petroleum Technology

Department of Petroleum Technology

Petroleum Technology Department

The Petroleum Technology department is one of the nine departments in Noble Institute, It has been established 2020 – 2021 to award a diploma degree in petroleum technology pecialization after completing two studying years with four semesters.

During studying years out student have a great tour recognized with academics and administrative steps by the academic staff, specialized laboratories enable the refresh graduated to work and developing their skills in their specialization.

The scientific trips, lab visiting and scientific environment are much enjoyable beside the summer training which compulsory in our syllabus with reports and researches for each scientific activity towards the successful.

The syllabus going on with two scopes. the first subjects are supporting subjects for reactive the students thinking like: Mathematics, Computer skills, English language and Scientific debate. ets). the second scope going on with specialization subjects related to petroleum studies like: Petroleum Technology, Fluid Mechanics, Petroleum Geology, Drilling Service, measurement and control technology, workshop. Petroleum Exploration, Petroleum Refining, Overview of Petroleum Industry, Industrial Safety, gets.

The Internship and graduations projects subject can be under the requirements of graduation to get the diploma from the institute.

additional applied activities enable our students to work in petroleum fields.

The academic staff in Petroleum department has great scientific and academic experience which supporting the student with most recent ideas to simulate the student’s energy for getting the best results yearly with high quality.


Mission of PTD

The kind of collaboration between department/ Academic staff and student with in PTD is committed to make the department a brilliant example for Petroleum studies (Oil and Gas industries) in Erbil area (Kurdistan – Iraq) future. This will be witnessed in the near future as quantitative developments in the economic, social and well-being of the community. Further to Prepare an engineer’s assistants specialize in petroleum branches for the benefit to support the petroleum industry especially in Iraq.

Vision of PTI

Petroleum Technology department plans to provide their students the highest quality of education and training through its qualified/Trained staff and employees, sophisticated laboratories and Halls, state of the art libraries and well-equipped workshops.

In addition, the department will benefit from links with the growing oil and gas industry and conduct significant research in this field. The graduate courses are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills that are required by the petroleum industry.

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Academic Staff