Department of Media

Department of Media

Department Introduction:

media, in general, is “the principal means of mass communication, especially. Newspapers, radio, and television are seen collectively; correspondents, journalists, etc., who work in the organizations involved in such communications. In the Department of Media, students study a range of subjects, including journalist editing, montage, media campaign, new media, presenting arts, media management, communication, law and ethics, journalist, public opinion and international media.

Department (Vision and Mission):

We in the media department teach students how to be responsible and creative in making and writing in the media. We cultivate an appreciation for the special role of the media for citizens and professional media makers who work in media organizations We cultivate students’ desire for freedom of expression

Head of Department Message:

In a period of study, we want to show our department as a strong positive influence on the academic arena by our commitment to working days and our commitment to the laws of the institute and teaching well.

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Department Staff