Department of English Language

Department of English Language

Introduction to the department:

The departments of English Language (ENG) of Noble institute are unique in terms of offering high-quality teaching and research in remarkably vibrant surroundings. ENG is among the first departments to be established when the Institute was opened in 2014; and recently. Our aim is to reengineer rapacious minds in a supportive environment. We have a range of undergraduate courses. With its diverse community of students, the learning has always been rich and innovative at ENG. The academic staff are research-active and engaged in superior teaching.

 Department Mission and Vision:

In its teaching, the Department of English seeks to provide students with an education of the highest quality in the English language, in teaching written in English and in critical and creative writing, judiciously combining breadth with depth, tradition with contem-poraneity. It seeks to attract the best possible students from diverse geographical, professional, racial, and ethnic backgrounds; it encourages minority and foreign applicants and those returning to school after an interruption of their academic lives. It encourages students throughout their programs so as to enable them to progress expeditiously to their degrees and to gain the maximum benefit from their experience.

Specific goals for this program follow. In order to achieve the goals at the highest levels of professional and intellectual accom-plishment, the department seeks to recruit, support, and retain the best faculty, and to foster academic freedom in teaching and research in ways that support the institute’s mission of producing knowledge in the service of humanity.


Undergraduate English Major and Minor Programs:

  • Introduce students to literature written in English at different historical periods in Britain, in America, and around the world
  • Develop students’ skills in written self-expression to the highest degree possible, through a required writing component for each course, by offering courses in advanced writing and by offering a Concentration in Creative Writing.
  • Provide internship opportunities and career counseling for majors and minors that will either prepare them for careers ranging from undergraduate programs in English to law, medicine, publishing, communications, and business administration or provide them with experience in education.

Head of the department message:

The undergraduate program in the English Language aims at providing students with a basic insight into the English language, critical thinking abilities by means of a professionally designed curriculum. The program offers a general historical overview of English language Teaching and a detailed focus on the major genres. Literary understanding and appreciation of the students are fostered through textual analysis, as well.
In addition to these, our students will be granted an English certificate at the end of their undergraduate education, as they will have received the core curriculum of the field. With this certificate, our graduates might be employed as English teachers, as well.

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Department Staff