Assist. Prof. Faisal A. Daham

 Deans’ office

It gives me great pleasure to extend my warmest congratulations on your choice to join Noble Technical Institute

Welcome to the Noble family where we come together to build a future of knowledgeable and innovative individuals; embrace ethical responsibilities and environmental compassions – the opportunity to serve our country through NTI diploma.

It is a great honour for me, our academicians and administrative staff to head towards happiness and success together during your journey through our campus, well known for its multicultural environment and variety of facilities, Noble Institute strives to eternally be with you.
Best wishes with love and respect.


Throughout its history, Noble Institute has been guided by its focus on five core values: access, speed, relevance, value and community.

Noble Technical Institute is dedicated to making European model learning opportunities accessible throughout life and to making them challenging and relevant to a diverse population of young adults. Its aim is to make possible an education that is at the same time both accessible and excellent. It does this through exceptional management of the Institute operations and resources, innovative delivery systems, student services and relevant programmes that are learner-centred, success-oriented and responsive to technology. In support of its mission, a programme has been initiated to transform all courses into digital format. This effective format for course presentation is a practical expression of one of the Institutes core values – that of providing access to higher education. The format helps students to complete their programmes expeditiously, thus reflecting another core value of speed.

Another aspect of speed is the ability to make adjustments in the curriculum to keep abreast of developments in each field. In this way Noble Technical Institute is able to offer new programmes promptly when new needs and opportunities present themselves. This responsiveness supports the core value of relevance. Even as Noble works to provide programmes that are current and relevant it also strives to provide them at an affordable price so that the student receives value. The institute has made significant progress in creating such a community among its members and it has thereby created opportunities for students to gain an appreciation of their own role in the community by building experience at national and local. At Noble Technical Institute we strive to reach the unreachable, to provide learning and to encourage educational development.

What is Accreditation? Internal Quality Management (IQM)

Developing an internal quality management system (IQM) has always been the scope of Noble Technical Institute for the past two years. Equally, we have started to explore and use new pedagogical methods that are more student-centered, and to implement competence-based approaches to teaching and learning. Internal quality management system (IQM) enables us to improve and strengthen the methods used for the requirements of a competence-based higher education and to support the enhancement of a student-centered learning approach. Therefore, we are constantly working to improve and strengthen our curriculums, teaching and assessment methods and students’ learning strategies.