About Noble Institute

About Noble Institute

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The Mission of Noble Private Institute:

Noble Technical Private Institute is run based on the instructions of ministry of higher education and scientific research Erbil / Kurdistan Region, Iraq. We work so as to strengthen the scientific structure the so as to be a good support for the Ministry and the  new generation. Our most basic duty is to increase the knowledge levels of our students and strengthen the relation of Ministry with academic places.

We are trying to enable students in all the aspects of the science and skills so that they can easily find a job after graduation and serve their country.





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The Study Environment of Noble Technical Private Institute :

With its own exclusive program and continuous consultancy from experts and consultants, provides opportunities for students in both humanitarian and scientific departments. It prepares students for real work environment by introducing the lectures in a practical way that would meet the expectations of the work employers and suit global technology world. A modern study environment is provided in Noble Technical Private Institute with well equipped classes and laboratories full of various tools and equipment’s. It is also has got three sport stadiums in which all the sport activities are done, 2 car parks, cafeteria, stationary, gardens and sport halls. All have been situated in a humongous area including library, reception, pray area for boys and girls.

Institute Construction:

Education is generally based on several factors like, students’ perception, use of technological platforms and political and social issues. Based on the works and activities done by our institute, we would like to announce that Noble institute is going to open two new departments and it is going to be more and more humongous:

1. The number of the applicants are increasing.
2. The activities done at our institute are increasing in number which directly affects the  ranking of our institute.
3. A lot of beneficial seminars and workshops are presented in all the different departments along with symposiums that are about modern issues.
4. More importance is given to the employment percentage of our graduates by signing contracts with a number of companies.

The steps of applying Bologna process at Noble institute :

Based on the Ministry instructions and the progress happened in education in in global education, as Noble Institute, we are planning for changing our educational system and applying Bologna process. Now, we are preparing for that by doing workshops and training courses for our staff.

The process that we are applying is for the benefit of our students and it is our duty to provide opportunities for our students in order to be familiar with the new and modern world and more specifically, real work environment.